Another school year!

Wow. Time flies so fast! Next thing we know, it’s already christmas! So, it’s already June 1st! And for some, school is about to start in 14 days. Another busy month for students and teachers. Here in my country, public schools are now beginning to repair and repaint some school furnitures for the upcoming school year. Teachers, staff and even students, volunteer to clean the school, repaint walls, build sets of chairs and tables for the students.

Moving on, since another school year is about to start, I’m planning to buy new sets of study tables for my sibs. I’m still thinking about it tho.


I suddenly remembered this one reality tv show wherein this teenage cheerleader eats whatever she grabs hold of and then vomits everything after. Errr. I find that kinda weird. I mean if you really want to lose weight, why not try cardio exercises and weight training for toning of muscles? Why vomit everything you eat? Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

There are so many ways on how to lose weight. You can either do a strict balanced diet or go to the gym or if you are really that desperate, then try some of those well known diet supplements (apidexin, lipozene etc). I just don’t get the point of eating too many and then vomiting it afterwards.

Eenie Meenie

Surprisingly, I’m liking Sean Kingstons and Justin Bieber’s Eenie Meenie song. Haha! Sorry JB fans, but I really don’t dig him.. Except that particular song, eenie meenie.

Just a short update tho. Will update soon. Oh! Brother’s 17th birthday is coming!! :)

Weight Loss Pills for Women

Ever wonder if men do take the same women’s weight loss pills ? I mean obviously, men and women’s body function are way different. So it means that effects that will be seen in women are far more different from men. Good thing experts were able to create a specifically designed diet pills for women.

Here are the top women’s weight loss pills:

1 Curvatrim
2 Clinicallix
3 Orovo Detox

So, before purchasing weight loss pills, make sure that it is designed for women’s use.

Appetite Suppressants on Losing Weight

For some who thinks that diet and cardio exercises isn’t enough, appetite suppressants is their last option. Believe it or not but when a desperate woman or man wants to lose weight faster, they sort to these kind of solution. While some people who can afford to undergo surgeries, most resort to these suppressants which are more affordable.

Anyw, what is appetite suppressants? In layman’s term, it is simply tricking your brain into believing that you are not hungry, that you are full, thus, preventing you from eating too much. Pretty cool? I say yes. But of course, if you think you can still control yourself from eating, then do it the natural way. A little discipline and determination will do. :)

Lower your cholesterol treatments

Did you know that eating pork and beef atleast 2 times day everday can cause you serious problems? Problems like increasing your cholesterol level perhaps? Back in the days, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to eat anything but pork. I dislike eating vegetables and fish. Not until I learned some useful information about eating a balanced meal.

Anyw, for those who have high cholesterol level, and diet and exercise is not enough and hoping for a cholesterol treatments, better check out Cholesterol Treatment online. They provide useful information about some good treatments for cholesterol problems. Eating high fat diet is not the only one that can cause high cholesterol level, it can be from high blood pressure and smoking cigarettes. So if you want a more healthier life, make sure you eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

Country Breakfast!

This is just heaven. My typical breakfast if you ask me. (aside from pancakes) anyw, took this pic while waiting for my order at Pancake house. How I wish I ordered this instead. Mom was like making me jealous. =/ Haha! Me want some. NOW.

Her Favorites!

I know this may be a bit too late, but lemme share what we did (family) during mother’s day. Well, first of all, me and my sibs had planned out everything. The celebration was quite simple. A dinner date with mom and then we presented her our unique mothers day gift after. I tell you, she’s really surprised with everything (dinner date and especially with her gifts). We gave her a set of silver necklace, bracelet and earrings. I can say that the look in her face was really cute! It was like she’s a little seven year old girl who just got her favorite toy thing. ;D

To gym or not to gym?

So I just found out that mom is planning on buying another set of elliptical machines for the both of us. I mean, whoa!! that’s really expensive! It seems that she’s really intent on losing and toning her body before September starts. And because of that, she wants me to join her. To be honest, I’m quite excited about this because as much as possible, I want to do all the weight training and exercises at home. I’m not the gym type girl FYI, so having another set of exercise machines at home will be a major help for my exercise routine.

Well, goodluck to us! ;D

Goodbye (for now)

I’m sad to leave my very own domain for like 3 years. =( This is just too much. I mean, it’s my domain!! Atleast most of the bloggers know me as the Miss Lakambini (not the pageant FYI). It’s just heartbreaking for me. But no worries, I’ll definitely bring back my domain after months. I will wait patiently. I will bring lakambini back no matter what!

Anyw, I’m still here at the computer shop. Still no video card. It seems that everytime I have the money to buy one, it just so happens that I have something to pay. Coincidence or what? Err. I’m dying to play Plants Vs. Zombies!!! Argh! LIFE is so…. blah!